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  • Tunya Jack, PNP

    Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes we may feel like things will not improve or consider choosing the option of giving up. Some life experiences may have you feeling unworthy, disconnected, or extremely drained. Those symptoms could inhibit the development of healthy relationships and prevent you from functioning at your highest potential. I am pleased to inform you that help is available and easily accessible through telehealth services. I am capable and willing to establish a trustworthy rapport with you that enhances your life.

    I am a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. I have cared for individuals from a diverse background. The core values I implement into my practice are compassion, culturally sensitive, integrity, accessibility, respect, empowerment, and collaboration.

    I provide quality, compassionate mental health care to individuals, families, and communities coping with mental conditions/disorders, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar, insomnia and more, through conducting a comprehensive assessment, medication management and education.

    I look forward to supporting you throughout your mental health journey!

    Tunya lives in Louisiana and enjoys spending her free time with her twins, visiting parks and local museums.